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We offer a number of services to help your business grow quickly and profitably.


All Merchant Processing Pros accounts can be plugged into any website and easily integrated into the checkout process, whether you’re on Shopify, WordPress, or another platform.

Merchant Processing Pros’s E-Commerce accounts combine ease of use, PCI compliance and a streamlined process to ensure a safe and easy check out.


Merchant Processing Pros offers premier processing solutions for face to face businesses that swipe their customer’s credit cards.

When you have a customer or client in front of you, it doesn’t matter what your excuse is. 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain – they simply don’t come back.

We ensure our retail clients stay online with functioning POS systems at all times.

Find out today if our retail solutions are right for you.

"High Risk" Businesses

Merchant Processing Pros specializes in providing merchant accounts for businesses that other companies dismiss as “high risk”.

If you’ve been denied or shut down by other payment processors, let us give you a free quote. Many business owners are surprised how easy it is to get up and running with us.

Whether it’s supplements, cbd, nutraceuticals, courses, clients, consulting, or events, we can can get you up and running, fast.

Consulting and Coaching

With over 12 years of experience we offer targeted advice to help you deal with problems your company is facing or design solutions to help you save on your processing fees.

Mail/Phone Order

With our customer management tools and secure payment gateway, we make running sales over the phone just as efficient as running them in person.

When you need to handle “card not present” transactions efficiently and securely, choose a Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) payment solution from Merchant Processing Pros.

Our phone order credit card processing solutions make it easy to safely process payments when the card and customer are not present. When your business is not face-to-face, reliability and professionalism are paramount. A merchant account from Merchant Processing Pros allows you to quickly and safely process remote payments. Our customer management tools and secure payment gateway make running sales over the phone just as efficient as running them in person.


Go wireless to avoid losing valuable business. Use your smart phone or tablet to accept all major credit cards, so your customers can quickly and conveniently provide payment in their preferred form. This mobile payment solution offers the security you expect from Merchant Processing Pros without the need for cumbersome hardware or a wired connection.

Merchant Loans

Tough financial Times do not have to equal a tough financial future. Merchant Processing Pros has partnered up with several lending companies to get you the cash flow you need to purchase inventory, renovate your location and get caught up on your bills. 

We pride ourselves on giving our merchants more than just financial resources. We help them use those resources as a springboard for building a solid financial foundation moving forward. 

With a merchant cash advance, a financing company advances you capital in exchange for a percentage of your daily credit card sales, plus a fee. Merchant cash advances can be quick, easy ways to get a business cash advance with no need for collateral—even if you don’t have a great credit score.

Chargeback Management

Reduce the time and effort it takes to respond to chargebacks and retrieval requests with our online chargeback management system. We post all chargebacks and retrieval requests to your interface, which lets you accept or reject chargebacks, upload supporting documents or assign cases to your chargeback analysts.

Cyclical chargeback patterns many times are classified as Excessive Risk which means a Merchant account may be suspended until chargeback rates are reduced. An actual plan that address the KPI’s risk managers are looking for could mean the difference of keeping or losing your Merchant Account.