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High-Risk Businesses

We specialize in high-risk transactions like nutritional supplements, both online and in-person. 

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We help you scale your business without banks holding your money so they can loan it out to others

Solutions for Businesses Like Yours


Merchant Processing Pros e-commerce solution provides your website with the most user-friendly and fastest payment gateway available.


Merchant Processing Pros offers premier processing solutions for face to face businesses that swipe their customers credit cards.

High Risk

High risk businesses include businesses that have subscription and weight loss products, start ups, and travel agencies. These industries are considered "hard to place".


With over 12 years of experience we offer targeted advice to help you deal with problems your company is facing or design solutions to help you save on your processing fees.

Mail/Phone Order

With our customer management tools and secure payment gateway, we make running sales over the phone just as efficient as running them in person.


We offer secure and user-friendly mobile solutions to help you take advantage of on-the-go payments with EMV encrypted chips.

Merchant Loans

Tough financial times do not have to equal a tough financial future. Merchant Processing Pros has partnered up with several lending companies to get you the cash flow you need to purchase inventory, renovate your location or get caught up on your bills. We pride ourselves on giving our merchants more than just financial resources. We help them use those resources as a springboard for building a solid financial foundation moving forward.

Chargeback Management

Reduce the time and effort it takes to respond to chargebacks and retrieval requests with our online chargeback management system. We post all chargebacks and retrieval requests to your interface which lets you accept or reject chargebacks, upload supporting documents, or assign cases to your chargeback analysts.

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