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Services Offered

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Merchant account placement- A Merchant account is a business bank account that allows a business to accept and process debit and credit card transactions. We provide help to our customers to place them with the best acquiring bank that fits their business type best.

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Merchant processing pros e-commerce solution provides your website with the most user-friendly and fastest payment gateway available.

[/tm_pb_accordion_item][tm_pb_accordion_item title=”Retail / Swipe”]

We offer premier processing solutions for face to face businesses that swipe their customer’s credit cards. We’re happy to provide you with the latest devices to swipe your customers cards.

[/tm_pb_accordion_item][tm_pb_accordion_item title=”High Risk Payment Processing”]

High risk businesses are ones that sell items that fall into areas such as Subscription based, start ups, travel agency’s, and weight loss products. While the products sold and services provided are completely legal, these items come with a higher risk of theft. Major credit card processors tend to stay away from giving high risk businesses the power to process credit cards because of possible false refunds and stolen cards. These credit firms also want to avoid the issues that come with a high risk merchant account. Some card processing companies feel they’ll lose larger customers if they offer high risk card processing services.

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When your business is mobile, we put all the latest resources at your fingertips. If you need a wireless terminal so you’re able to process cards on the go we’re happy to help!

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We offer the most secure and user-friendly mobile solutions available to help you take advantage of on-the-go payments with EMV encrypted chip.

[/tm_pb_accordion_item][tm_pb_accordion_item title=”Mail Order Phone Order”]

When dealing with mail orders, get professional services that give you the security and power you need. With our customer management tools and secure payment gateway, we make running sales over the phone just as efficient as running them in person.

[/tm_pb_accordion_item][tm_pb_accordion_item title=”Gateway Services”]

A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar. We offer all different gateway services to help accommodate your business type best

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We analyze your current chargeback history and setup measures to help mitigate your chargebacks and get you back in place under the card brand chargeback measures.


[/tm_pb_accordion_item][tm_pb_accordion_item title=”Terminals”]


We offer a complete line of credit card processing equipment including credit card machines, wireless credit card terminals, credit card software, printers and PIN pads.

[/tm_pb_accordion_item][tm_pb_accordion_item title=”Consulting”]

We offer near 15 years of experience in the business that we’re willing to share our knowledge with to keep your merchant account healthy and in business for years to come.

[/tm_pb_accordion_item][tm_pb_accordion_item title=”Bookkeeping”]

Having trouble getting your books in order? Ask us about our bookkeeping service that will help you get your books in order and get you approved for the higher volume with your bank.

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We’re partnered up with to make sure all your product are shipped on time for a great price